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Our sexual health expert d-r Sugar is here to listen to you and
give you the ultimate guide to becoming a master lover—complete with step-by-step instructions on
how to have the best orgasm, along with guaranteed health and safety.

Dr. Sugar Intimate

D-r Sugar speaks with experienced Raya about the movie “50 Shades of Grey” and why it is so different than real life sex and authentic BDSM...

Ilian is 37 years old. We met at the autumn KAPANA Fest in 2018, in Plovdiv. I saw that we grabbed his interest at our TUXIDO tent. Maybe because we are a new Bulgarian condom brand and he did not know about us. I pinched him a little to tell us more about his opinion for sexual education. He felt a little bit uncomfortable but he stayed. 

L.G. just heard these words “This will be our third date. I just bought some nice underwear”. He is asking d-r Sugar if this means for sure that he is about to have sex for first time ever. Probably, but you can never know for sure. Let me try to explain...