Desire dies last. Is it true? About 10% of men in the world at some stage of their lives are affected by weakened impotence, i.e. they cannot erect or maintain the erection. This does not necessarily mean that it is a permanent disruption of the ability to erect. Perhaps the person affected is in a period of intense anxiety. Even when erectile dysfunction turns out to be a lasting problem, one can live with this condition. Because of the changes in man's lifestyle and his decreased self-esteem, it is important to consider the causes, prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction.
How does the penis erect?

Stimulation brings to the central nervous system pulses that send back signals and arterial blood vessels expand. This increases the influx of blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis, which are pressed, thus the incoming blood is difficult to drain and the erection retains. After orgasm, venous vessels expand again, and so the erection drops. In erectile dysfunction, these processes are impaired.

The reasons:
1. Diseases

So-called organic causes might relate to diseases of a variety of organs and systems: blood vessel damage, nerve damage, hormonal problems, penile trauma, and the use of certain medications.

2. Everything is in our minds

Too often causes are of a psychogenic nature. In other words, an agitated lifestyle with constant stress at work, in the family or the accumulation of other problems, creates tension and anxiety in men. In this situation, there is no way to achieve the process of stimulating an erection.

What can we do?

Before diagnosing yourself, you have to pass a consultation with an urologist. Even if there is only a doubt about erectile dysfunction, the consultation will focus on possible reasons for the current condition. Survey and research results can help the health care professional determine whether there is any illness or why the causes are rather psychogenic. If we talk about the latter, some men report night erections during sleep, which is because during sleep, consciousness relaxes the stress that impedes erectile function. In any case, a conversation with a health specialist is mandatory. Moreover, self-healing and self-immolation can deepen the symptoms and delay adequate intervention.

Everyone has the right to a normal sex life and enjoyment of intimate relationships. Therefore, it is important to take adequate modern measures to help the affected person remove the erectile dysfunction and recover completely.