However, there are not two identical erections. There will be moments when the erection is so strong that it can get your eyes and others when the strength depends on how much blood invades the penis. If you find a way to keep more blood in the penis, a longer erection will occur. That's why some men play with sex toys. However, care must be taken. A natural alternative to affecting the quality of erections is simply to maintain good health.

This means not smoking because smoking reduces blood flow to the genitals. If you watch TV you probably know that there are pharmaceutical products designed for erectile presentation. If you have sexual problems, these medicines can help but have to be prescribed by a doctor. Most importantly, good sex is more about how well you communicate with each other.

The reason why holiday sex is so good is that it changes the dynamics of ordinary sex life. The sex that takes the head off during the work week is an opportunity to unload the stress. Take something from your vacation and take it home. For intensive play periods, take them to your bedroom as well.

The amazing thing about the chest is that there is not an identical way of reacting when touched at different times. Some girls react overwhelmed to an orgasm when stimulating their nipples. There are others who will not be excited about any technique you try. Even "that time of the month" can change the sensitivity of the woman. There are many nervous endings under the chest. While these endings are heavily concentrated, there is an increased sensitivity regardless of the size of the chest.

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