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Probably you know a lot about sexual health and you are expert in the bedroom.
Well, here is your chance to learn even more and perform even better. Health is all about being responsible
to your own health and that of your partner, while at the same time experiencing real delight.

Sex Health

Regular sex keeps the heart healthy. Scientists are clear that regular sex practice reduces the risk of dangerous cardiovascular disease by 50%. Cardiologists even claim that due to regular sex, we can forget about heart problems at all.
Why is that? Besides being pleasant, sex is also an excellent exercise for the muscles...

When it comes to sex, there are no shameful topics. Erection is important, not only because without it sex is virtually impossible, but also because it shows good overall health. We tried to trace some of the most important delusions and facts about erection. The first erections of the boy occur between 4-6 years of age...