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You can try this on your own, or we can give you a hand.
Surely you need one. Let’s see how we can help. We have plenty of tips from first date to first
sex and meeting your partner’s friends – we are here to support you!

Sometimes it is so hard to brake away from everyday life and bring laughter and joy to your loved one. Sex can easily become a mirage because of tension, stress and anxiety that reduce the desire and the possibility of intimacy. We need this intimacy so much. It is never too late to diversify your routine and enjoy real pleasure:


Masturbation is usually a personal and secretive experience, so it is so exciting to beg your partner. Not only will you show self-esteem and love for your body, but also your loved one can learn how you like to be touched. In any case, masturbation is extremely exciting for the viewer as well as for the one who has the courage to show up.

Caress and a soft whisper

It seems that the bed is the only place, where we can relax for a while. How to get the best out of this opportunity? First, go to bed, when your friend does. You can also coax him / just don’t do it during his favorite football game or whatsoever/. This way you will avoid the moment you both desire sex, but somebody falls asleep and the night is spoiled. Once you get into bed, hug him gently and whisper in his ear. It may be that his scent is thrilling or that you feel safe around him, or just remind him where you would like him to fondle you – all this will help him relax after a hard day's work. Continue with kisses, where you most enjoy. An appropriate prelude for a gentle sexual night, right?

Playful positions

Yes, yes. We know everyone has a few favorite poses and they guarantee super orgasm. Does that stops you from experimenting? You can start with gentle play and then stand in a surprising position that invites your friend to join you for a new play. Start with something easy that does not require super acrobatic skills. The posture may relate to a new place in the room - for example on the floor, on a locker or a comfortable armchair. Even if things do not get right as expected, this can have a funny side and at least it will lead to new ideas.


Use more lubricant. The very lubricating of the penis is very exciting, if you do it willingly. Playful moves can cause your partner to get involved while you are fondling him, but the pleasure will be even greater if you let yourself be active while he is enjoying your care. Put him on the bed and extend the pleasure of the moment. Don’t worry, if you feel you do not have enough experience. This can be even more interesting for a man. More important than this is your very own intention that both of you experience the most enjoyable sex.

Get him on the phone

Start an erotic call on the phone or send provocative messages. Use your imagination, but above all rely on your shared moments and special relationship. Surely, you can find inspiration for what to say. Do not worry, if at first he reacts with smiles and big surprise. Unexpected things can be so thrilling; it won’t be too long before you turn him on.