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New to the field, or already specialists, we all need fresh ideas, hits and simple
and easy toolkits on how to improve our sex experience. We can contribute now. Thank us later.

We love meeting women. We love to talk about our dreams, career, sex and men, of course. And sometimes we all fall into situations like those of the heroines of the original series “Sex and the City”...

Besides a lot of laughter, the series gave us some valuable lessons about what compromises we can/ not do in the relationship.

A man who cannot kiss will not be good in bed either
The theory is made by the blonde woman on fire Samantha. It is not certain whether a man who does not kiss well is also bad in bed. At the same time, Samantha is right for one thing for sure - when there is no chemistry in the kiss, it's hard to find it in sex.

Opposites attract each other
After many years of searching for the perfect men, the girls chose partners who do not fit their requirements. Miranda liked the average Steve, Charlotte fell in love with the fluffy Harry. If we do not immediately dismiss the opportunity to love the different, we may be pleasantly surprised. The truth is that sometimes prejudices and high criteria only prevent us from experiencing true love. And what is too well known can irritate even annoying.

Laughter heals
Charlotte was fixed on the idea of ​​finding the perfect man. Trey responded to the idealistic notion. The butterflies, however, flew away, the physical passion subsided. And what's left? With long-term relationships, it is important that the person next to us always makes us smile. Fortunately for Charlotte, she found Harry.

Gay friend - may be the best friend
Surely you remember Carrie's friend Stanford and Charlotte's Anthony? The two women went through disappointing love relationships, the men coming and going, but the gay friends always remained true. The perfect combination of a man with a little testosterone and a great desire for shopping that has no expectations about anything more than friendship. In addition, Stanford and Anthony gave good advice and responded when Carrie and Charlotte just needed comfort.

When enough is enough
Sometimes in love we lose time in a relationship that is doomed to failure, even after a second chance. Just like Kari and Aiden. Making sure there is no problem, does not solve anything. Although she knew she was not with the man of her dreams, she insisted that their relationship be successful. And so did Charlotte. She was making an effort to be the perfect wife, in perfect marriage to Trey. But they learned an important lesson...


To be untied is not the end of the world
Millions of women and men around the world are decoupled. And that's quite normal. This time we can use to do something for ourselves. Take some education and spend more time with friends and relatives who otherwise stay at second place. We can even try to understand better ourselves, our need and what exactly we need.