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New to the field, or already specialists, we all need fresh ideas, hits and simple
and easy toolkits on how to improve our sex experience. We can contribute now. Thank us later.

By d-r Sugar

In this Surprise her Clitoris series we are helping people to find the best and most comfortable way for them to help a woman enjoy an unforgettable orgasm, by stimulating her clitoris.
We kindly remind you that around seventy-five percent of women experience a better orgasm with some clitoral stimulation.

Water the flower
Yes, we know that vaginal ejaculation and golden showers exist. Yet, we advise water play – one of the most pleasant ways to make a woman to get off. Probably it would remind her of her teenage games, when she masturbated in the privacy at her bath. Why water is important? Because water flow is gentle and feels nice on every part of the body. Use a handheld shower head and let the water spray over her body in between her legs, then move it closer to her clitoris moving the water stream back and forth.

Penis massage
Everything in sex is about play and enjoying each other bodies. You can simply use your penis to press to her clit and move it in different directions. When you sense that she wants it all, simply penetrate.
You can try this one, when you are laying side by side facing each other, in the Spoon pose, or even on your knees above her holding the tip of your penis in your hand to massage and rub her clit. If she also involves in the game and wants to play with this lively toy – that is also nice.

Kiss lips
Simply touch or gently suck her inner lips. This way, you are pulling the clitoris, which is nice for women with very sensitive clitoris. As we have told you before, the clitoris has 8,000 sensory nerve endings, so direct contact can often be too much stimulation for some women.

Toy brings joy
You can use some sex toys, although we always recommend the most natural ways to stimulate. However, toys make it easier to stimulate the G-point, while at the same time, using your penis to stimulate other parts of her body. Remember that every person has different preferences, so maybe it is a good idea to discuss with her what toy to buy. This conversation may also become a nice overture to something pleasant.

Balm with your palm
There is a wide variety of arousal oils and balms on the market. They help to add tingling or heating sensation to her clit. You can simply put it on your palm and massage her clitoris. Of course, if you combine the massage with appropriate atmosphere (some nice scent in the room, chillax music and fresh drinks), your success would be complete! Just remember, that latex condoms need water-based lubricants, which are compatible with natural latex.