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New to the field, or already specialists, we all need fresh ideas, hits and simple
and easy toolkits on how to improve our sex experience. We can contribute now. Thank us later.

By Dr. Sugar

Even when we are young and our relationship with a loved one is harmonious, we need new positive emotions in the relationship. Our tips for great sex are tested and will reinforce your desire and perhaps even inspire you for even more innovative sexual pleasures.

+ Chinese Erotic Trick
Warm legs, warm blankets, cozy carpet on the floor - all of this can help increase pleasure. The Chinese trick, however, remains a classic. The Chinese girl drinks hot tea, then gives her beloved unforgettable French love... the trick is in the temperature contrast, created by your hot mouth and his body

+ Sexy Atmosphere
It's nice to be spontaneous, but sometimes little preparation can improve the mood and help both you and your partner to relax and experiment.

+ Erotic Movies
What's wrong with porn? If you watch a movie together with love scenes and passionate moments - it will surely set you up on a sexual wave. You can even get an idea from the characters on the screen.

+ Health Sex
Sex increases the body's immunity, as well as good sleep. The other way around is also very important - the denial of cigarettes and alcoholic concentrates can significantly increase your desire for sex.

+ Show Me
The best way for men to perceive is to see. There is nothing sexier than seeing the pleasure of your partner!