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TUXIDO Dotted MEGA pack 60

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Probably you know a lot about sexual health and you are expert in the bedroom.
Well, here is your chance to learn even more and perform even better. Health is all about being responsible
to your own health and that of your partner, while at the same time experiencing real delight.

So many questions about love and so few categorical answers! Оne thing is for sure - love needs care, including taking care of our health. Traditionally, December 1 is linked to free condom and information materials. With a screening of the movie "Everything Is Love", the Bulgarian Youth Forum and the Bulgarian condom company TUXIDO Bulgaria focus on the most important thing in relationships - the love and care of the close person.

The event was held on December 1, 2017 at 18:00 at the G8 Cultural Center. PhD students and students had the opportunity to watch the film and experience a passionate affection that casts a bridge between generations.

"Everything Is Love" is the most memorable love screening in Bulgarian cinema from the 70s and 80s of the 20th century. The director Borislav Sharaliev and the playwright Boyan Papazov tell the story of Rado and Albena (starring Ivan Ivanov and Yanina Kasheva). Audiences and critiques respond positively to the movie. Viewers attended it and appreciate the film as a daring manifestation of civic sentiment, and critics award a number of prizes - the Special Prize, the Prize for Female Role of Yanina Kaseva and the Critics' Prize in Varna in 1980 and the UDF's Prize for a Screenplay and a Debut by Ivan Ivanov.

"I do not hold you. I do not want love from you. If I wanted love from you, love would become trading. Love does not want anything. It should be like breathing.
Breathe in, breathe out. In and out. Without Thinking. And I want it to be the same with us. Not that I think when I take and when I give."

We are convinced that "Everything Is Love". And you?

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