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"Hello Love,

Do you know that there are more than 20 sexually transmitted infections in Bulgaria that can prevent you from having normal conception, pregnancy and birth? Even if you do not plan a child soon, the risks to your intimate health are still real if you do not care for yourself…”- that is the beginning of TUXIDO Campaign “Hello, Love!”. It aims to improve the awareness about sexual health threats for those who want to be happy and live well. The campaign pays special attention to young women and men in Bulgaria.

The facts strongly suggest that good sexual health care habits are not exhausted by the number of sexual partners or trust between them. The alarmingly high levels of abortions in Eastern European countries, including Bulgaria (about 30,000 abortions per year) and abandoned children (on average one in every 5 hours, according to UNICEF), indicate low levels of knowledge and interest in personal intimate health care.

A large proportion of women seeking to postpone or avoid pregnancy do not use reliable methods of contraception, and this raises the question of how and why young women prefer to risk an urgent follow-up medical intervention that may be expensive, prolonged and often resulting in severe problems during future attempts to conceive and wear a healthy baby. In many communities in Bulgaria today it is perceived as shameful to buy condoms, especially for women, because of a wrongly understood “duty to continue our family”. This often creates pressure that leads to ill-considered decisions. A widespread opinion is that modern contraceptives are detrimental to health, while confidence in the method of discontinuing the sexual act / withdrawal / is thought to be reinforced by the modern emphasis on natural products and the call that “natural is healthy”. Indeed, the interruption of the act is free of charge and does not require prior preparation; it is always available and can be used spontaneously, and in case of a “breakthrough in the system” you can always resort to abortion. Another myth is the belief that interruption of the act proves the lover’s experience, and gives testimonies of the degree of trust and intimacy between the intimate partners.

If you risk during sex however, it may have traumatic consequences - such as abortion, which leaves a stigma for a lifetime and even across generations, and is often the cause of disruption. Among other things, some men state the withdrawal is “... a punishment for the man. This is a sacrifice of pleasure to avoid pregnancy. It's like running 1000 meters and running with a foot broken across the last 200 meters.” (Data from the Bulgarian Family Planning Association Report).

The solutions of the problem is to increase the understanding about what harms sex without a condom may cause. The campaign "Hello, Love!" organized by TUXIDO Bulgaria, Bulgaria Mall and inmedio aim at advocating for sexual health for all young people who love and wish to live well.

What, when, where?

On March 25th 2018, at 11:30 in Bulgaria Mall, level +2 the renowned Dr. Rossitsa Dencheva will host a free counseling meeting for young ladies. D-r Dentcheva is famous with her professional dedication to the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, as well as the development of programs for their prevention in relation to the impact on reproductive health.
You can find complete information about the lecture on the Facebook event, on TUXIDO Facebook page or Bulgaria Mall Facebook Page.

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