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December arrives with the last fallen leaves on the trees and the hurriedly sweet preparation for the festive winter holidays and Christmas mood.

The first day of December, however, gives us reason to ask ourselves what we know about AIDS and all other sexually transmitted infections?

World AIDS Day is celebrated since 1988 - just a few years after Professor Luc Montagnier and Francois Bare-Sinusy officially opened the virus, which has been in existence for several years. December 1 is the day when we focus on prevention, education and awareness not only about the risks of AIDS, but also about sexually transmitted infections, through various campaigns around the world.

The statistics for Bulgaria are sad - the country leads to negative statistics for unexpected pregnancies, abortions, sexually transmitted infections. The problem is comprehensive - there is no sex education that only exists as a free choice in a small number of schools, communication in the family about ignorance and misunderstanding about the risks and where to obtain relevant information is not enough. In Bulgaria,, Bulgarian Family Planning Association, Centers for Sexual Health at Health without Borders Association and others contribute to the development of sexual culture. NGOs.

In 2017, in the AIDS week, TUXIDO Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Youth Forum met with hundreds of students to include them in the talk about sexually transmitted infections.

What is love if we do not trust each other? What am I without you? Everything is love, really? We tried to answer these and other questions posed by young people in the TUXIDO Bulgaria Campaign "Everything Is Love". Together with the Bulgarian Youth Forum, we challenged hundreds of students from the University of Library Science and Information Technology to the topic of sexual health and sexual culture issues in Bulgaria and around the world. We included young people in the conversation about contraception with the volunteers of BMF from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Spain, Austria and Estonia...

Many young people have filled in questionnaires that indicate that the problems are not due only to ignorance, but mostly to the inability to engage in fair talks on contraceptives.

Много от младите хора попълниха анкетни карти, които показват, че проблемите не се дължат само на незнание, но предимно на невъзможност да се участва в честни разговори по темата за контрацептивите.



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