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Thousands of youngsters, lovers, adolescents, families with children and middle-aged people celebrated with TUXIDO on June 1, 2 and 3, 2018, during the Mission Health Exhibition, under the patronage of the mayor of Sofia, Yordanka Fandakova.

Near the monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia, more than 80 pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, health care establishments, organic food and nutrition producers, sports and spa complexes and health insurance companies presented their products and services. Among them, TUXIDO distinguished itself with its daring vision of engaging young people from the earliest age in the sexual health conversation, involving as well the experienced couples, married, people with children. Only through the personal example of their loved ones and friends the young can believe in their power to be responsible for their health and lifestyle. ”You are cool, there is a great idea in what you do, especially that you work for a meaningful cause with the young people,” said the favorite of hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians TV and radio host Niki Kanchev.

In 5-minute meetings, we spoked with visitors on various topics. We tailored conversations according to the audience's dynamics. People wanted to know more about: how intimate relationships began; how to cope with partners refusing to use condoms; myths about condoms; the right not to trust my partner; how to respond to attempts for sexual fornication or violence; why to use a condom; how condoms improve female orgasms; sex during pregnancy and after birth, and much more. “You managed to say so many things in a few minutes” - summarized our info campaign a mother, whose child became acquainted with the most important rules on personal hygiene, bath frequency and most often changes in our body during puberty.
Hundreds of people wished to buy the four types of condoms at a preferential price. The most popular was the banana TUXIDO Extra Love, which facilitates sexual relations with more lubricant and 4% benzocaine to delay ejaculation; as well as TUXIDO Classic, whose sophisticated look and natural flavor definitely attracts traditionalists.

During Mission Health, TUXIDO's team also distributed hundreds of promotional materials, educational brochures and symbolic gifts, encouraging those who actively participated in the Nike's 5-kilometer marathon, as well as the children who performed in dance and gymnastics.
The big prize in the event won Daniel Nikolov, who impressed his girlfriend by purchasing more than 10 boxes of Tuxido at once. They will be able to enjoy a weekend for two at the luxurious Boulevard Botique Hotel in Sunny Beach, from September 7th to September 9th. The attractive stand of Tuxido also attracted with the daring Ducati Scrambler 1100 Sport, which portrayed the youthful, casual vision, the excitement and the security that TUXIDO embodies. The test drive of this attractive model won Zoya Nikolova, who enthusiastically joined the lottery of TUXIDO. Twenty other participants received boxes of exciting TUCIDO surprises. “From my box the reviews are EXTREMELY EXCELLENT. Life is more creative with Tuxido,” said Zornitsa Maximova on @Tuxido.Condoms Facebook page after receiving her box. Zornitsa, one of the most respectful fans of the brand online, received award for her commitment to informing about sexual health.

TUXIDO develops and offers a portfolio of quality sexual health products such as condoms, lubricants, sex accessories, and more. We take care of everyone's health and safety by working to improve the sexual culture in Bulgaria. TUXIDO is a way of life - a relationship to personal freedom and uncompromising quality, for much more enjoyment with guaranteed security.

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